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Our one-of-a-kind machine learning allows you to identify your crystal with a snap! Simply take a photo and catalogue it into your collection to keep track of all your favorite crystals.


Tap into your power with our 300+ crystal database and connect to your crystals in a deeper way. Get more out of the crystals you have and learn more about the crystals you want.


Share your love of crystals with the community and help raise awareness of the movement for ethically sourced crystals.

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Gone are the days of forgetting what your crystals are or what they do. With the power of CrystalEyes, you can identify, catalogue and learn more about all your special crystal friends. We shine a light on crystal suppliers who are focused and dedicated to bringing you ethically-sourced crystals in a world where secrecy of source is all too often the case. Join the community that is dedicated to ensuring the beautiful healing powers of crystals are coming from sources that aren’t inflicting pain.

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Tips For Automatic Identification

Here are some tips for using our Automatic Identification feature when identifying your crystals
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Are You a Rockstar?

We are actively looking to partner with and showcase any sellers, vendors or retailers who prioritize ethical-sourcing and supply-chain transparency in their crystal or metaphysical business. If you are one of these, we'd love to promote you to all the users of our app. If you are interested in potential...
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7 Crystals You Need To Bring Love Into Your Life by Samantha Fey

7 Crystals You Need to Bring Love Into Your Love Life Crystals can help you awaken your heart to new love or strengthen existing bonds in a committed relationship. All crystals resonate with our energy and work to help our vibrations raise to their level. Work with these stones by...
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IRMA – The Initiative For Responsible Mining Assurance

The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) is a voluntary certification system for large-scale mining which seeks to bring transparency to the mining sector and forward more responsible practices at the mine site. IRMA is unique in that it brings together nonprofits, communities and labor unions working alongside consumer-facing brands...
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9 Crystals For Your Tarot Bag – Deb Bowen

Nine Crystals for Your Tarot Bag  by Deb Bowen Keep these crystals in the box or bag in which you keep your Tarot cards.  Some of them are useful as meditation tools before you begin a reading so that you are grounded, centered and receptive to information Tarot will share...
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Why Crystals Matter

Our deep connection to the Earth and all its resources resonates strongly and with healing power. That is why focusing on ethical-sourcing is important. How can one feel good with tools sourced from harm? We are dedicated to trying to connect crystal lovers with vendors, retailers and independent artists who...
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98 Crystals in the Brain

Here is a list of the first 98 crystals the AI Brain can identify at the launch of app: Agate Magnesite Agate, Blue Lace Malachite Amazonite Mica Amber Moldavite Amethyst Moonstone Ametrine Moonstone, Rainbow Apache Tears Morganite Apatite, Blue Muscovite Apophyllite Neptunite Apophyllite, Green Obsidian Aquamarine Obsidian, Black Aragonite Obsidian,...
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Buying Crystals

We recommend asking questions to your favorite shops about sourcing to buy with confidence to help you feel good about feeling good. We know that this is a very complicated and difficult task for individual crystal shop owners to be able to track supply-chain from all of their sources, but...
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Curated Content Coming Soon

Great content from one our amazing partners is coming to this page soon!
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CrystalEyes Beta and App Demo

We are going to be rolling out beta testing in waves starting this week, so keep your eyes peeled for an email from us in the next couple weeks for your exclusive early-access download link. This is our app store icon that will be on your phone soon! Depending on how...
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