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Our one-of-a-kind machine learning allows you to identify your crystal with a snap! Simply take a photo and catalogue it into your collection to keep track of all your favorite crystals.


Tap into your power with our 300+ crystal database and connect to your crystals in a deeper way. Get more out of the crystals you have and learn more about the crystals you want.


Share your love of crystals with the community and help raise awareness of the movement for ethically sourced crystals.

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Gone are the days of forgetting what your crystals are or what they do. With the power of CrystalEyes, you can identify, catalogue and learn more about all your special crystal friends. We shine a light on crystal suppliers who are focused and dedicated to bringing you ethically-sourced crystals in a world where secrecy of source is all too often the case. Join the community that is dedicated to ensuring the beautiful healing powers of crystals are coming from sources that aren’t inflicting pain.

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Kickstarter Launches today!

We are so excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign launches today! There are many awesome rewards you can receive for backing us. We tried to make it attractive for everyone at all financial levels. This is not for us to be able to launch the app - we repeat it is NOT going...
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Crystal Bounty – Just when Crystals thought they were safe!

Help us make the CrystalEyes brain smarter! CrystalEyes is based on a deep machine learning algorithm that grows smarter the more photos it sees. Your favorite crystals can be part of the CrystalEyes brain! And don’t worry, we won’t be using your photos for any purposes other than training CrystalEyes’...
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Looking For A Partner?

Are you looking for a partner in the spirituality business space? As we get closer to our launch, we are actively seeking partnerships with other companies, brands and vendors who are in the spirituality space with an emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. If you believe that we would be a...
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Join Our Waiting List!

Are you ready to join the movement for ethically-sourced crystals? Do you want the world's only crystal identification app for free? If you answered yes to either one of these question, join our waiting list. As a result, you receive a minimum of 1 month free to all premium features....
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Why CrystalEyes?

You may wonder why should I use this app? Great question. We noticed most crystal apps are trying to do one thing: sell you crystals. While many of them also have information on crystals, their main focus is to sell a product. Our app is the product we are selling....
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