Nine Crystals for Your Tarot Bag

 by Deb Bowen

Keep these crystals in the box or bag in which you keep your Tarot cards.  Some of them are useful as meditation tools before you begin a reading so that you are grounded, centered and receptive to information Tarot will share with you.  Others help you gain clarity about the information you’re delivering to the querent, and two of them keep the others cleaned and charged, and protects your cards from vibrations that aren’t for your highest good.

Iolite:  Iolite activates your Third Eye.  Iolite offers access to inner knowledge that you, the reader, already knows and is waiting to access. 

Labradorite:  Labradorite helps you to increase your intuition.  It assists in your ability to transform your intuition into the clear thought.  It brings mysticism and intellect together so that the information you receive in a reading is clearly understood when you speak it.

Shattuckite:  Shattuckite helps you to process information you receive from the spirit world.  It protects and sharpens your intuitive abilities.

Dumortierite:  My colleague Samantha Fey says this stone is great for centering. It increases patience in working with people, and helps you verbalize spiritual ideas.

Turquoise:  This stone is, in my opinion, a must-have in your Tarot bag.  Turquoise strengthens and aligns your chakras, so that you are open to receiving information coming to you, and are, at the same time, cloaked in safety.  Turquoise helps you to ground and center your energy so that you are clear about the meaning of the messages Tarot gives you, thus increasing your communication skills.  Turquoise expands your psychic abilities.

Clear Quartz:  Clear Quartz does what you ask it to do.  It primarily is an amplifier of energy.  My Tarot box has had its own Clear Quartz point for as long as I’ve had my deck.  My intention – what I asked this stone to do so many years ago – is to help me connect to my Guides, to the meaning of the cards in front of me, and to aid me in interpreting what I’m told in a way that is most helpful to the person for whom I’m reading (even if that person is me!).  Try it!

Black Obsidian:  For many years, scrying mirrors were made of Black Obsidian.  Melody calls this “the asking stone.”  Black Obsidian also is a powerful protection stone.  Its job in my Tarot box is to protect my cards, me, and the person for whom I’m reading from negative energy in any form.  It acts as a shield that surrounds us in an impenetrable fortress.

Citrine or Kyanite:  Neither of these stones ever needs cleaning, and they clean other stones with which they are placed.  Keep one or both of them in your Tarot bag or box to clear and clean the other stones that help you as you work with Tarot.

Deb Bowen is an international spiritual educator who has been working with crystals and reading and teaching Tarot for nearly 40 years.  She is cohost of PsychicTeachers podcast and offers courses on a variety of metaphysical topics.  Learn how she can be of service to you at

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