APRIL HOROSCOPES – by Narayana Montufar


It’s your time to shine! At the beginning of April, the sun and new moon in your sign will fill you with immense optimism as you lead independently. By the full moon in Libra, you may feel like some of your commitments and relationships have come full circle. Your pace will feel more relaxed at the end of the month when Taurus season begins!


Time to tap into your inner warrior, Taurus! The beginning of April will feel fresh and fearless, especially as the new moon in Aries awakens your subconscious fighter. Later in the month, it’ll be your time to shine when the sun enters your sign! But your season will be anything but steady with the upcoming partial solar eclipse in Taurus!


Are you feeling fired up about your dreams and friendships, Gemini? Aries season sparks spontaneity, especially with the new moon in Aries inspiring you to dream big! You may feel incredibly romantic during the full moon in Libra, which could carry into the Venusian Taurus season at the end of the month. Enjoy these passionate vibes!


Cancer, you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself! Aries season will inspire you to courageously show up, to inspire others through your accomplishments. But don’t forget to tend to your roots under the full moon in Libra. Towards the end of the month, Taurus season will invite you to dream of living lavishly and to connect with your loyal friends.


Adventure awaits! Honor the vivacious energy of Aries season by challenging yourself to do new things, take mini trips, and discover something you enjoy learning about. The new moon in Aries will be the perfect time to embrace new journeys. Later on, Taurus season will encourage you to stop and smell the roses as you appreciate every step in your journey.


Honor your inner power, Virgo! Aries season and the new moon in Aries will transform your sense of confidence. As you glow with self-assuredness, don’t be afraid to show the world what you’re made of! Carry this confidence into Taurus season as it could help you move forward with your adventures


Time to be courageous in love, Libra! The new moon in Aries will spark romance, encouraging you to go after your heart’s desires. By the full moon in Libra, you may feel like it is time to focus more on your personal growth in and out of your relationships. When Taurus season arrives, don’t be afraid to tap into your intimate side!


How exciting is your everyday life, Scorpio? Aries season is spontaneous and energetic, encouraging you to live with a “carpe diem” attitude. When the full moon in Libra peaks, let go of any wishy-washy energy to embrace the rest of Aries season. Towards the end of April, Taurus season is going to bring love into your life – perhaps unexpectedly, too!


Sagittarius, make the most of your time by living life to the fullest during Aries season! Enjoy the beauty of the fiery energy, especially as it draws joy and sensual pleasure into your life. Your high spirits will begin to level towards the end of the month when Taurus season begins. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses during Taurus season!


Spring cleaning is in full spring, Capricorn! Aries season may spark new life into your sacred space, so you may be ready for a home makeover. Utilize the new moon in Aries to get a few projects off of the ground! Later in April, Taurus season will ring in unexpected, yet sensual passion. Step into the spontaneity of Taurus season!


Explore what’s in your backyard, Aquarius! Aries season is warm and exciting, ready to embark on adventures in your neighborhood. Grab a friend and make a point to explore new happenings in your town. The full moon in Libra may even note a milestone in your educational and travel adventures. Later, Taurus season will make you quite the homebody.


Make your money, honey! Between the sun and the new moon in Aries, you may feel especially confident in your financial prospects. Abundance will be coming your way! At the end of April, Taurus season will begin and you will feel immensely connected to your community. Enjoy the Taurus energy by spending time with friends & enjoying simple pleasures.

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