About Us

About Us

We love crystals and chances are you do, too – that’s why you’re here. Think of CrystalEyes as The Shazam of Crystals! If you’re tired of always forgetting what crystals you own, we are here to help. But, we are much more than just the world’s first crystal identification app. 

Our mission is to help empower individuals on their spiritual and wellness journey. Our focus on ethically sourced crystals and showcasing the retailers who do so is at the core of our mission statement. No one wants to own a healing crystal that was sourced from harm. We are not a crystal retailer, so while we are not working directly with the sources, we are working hard to establish connections with them and with those who are.

There are vendors and retailers who believe your healing tools should be infused with loving energy and not harmful, destructive energies by companies using unsafe practices. These practices include but are not limited to: environmentally harmful mining, child labor, and conflict minerals. 

Our mission is to be clear where we stand on this issue and we will do our best to alert you to areas or of crystals that are likely to be mined in unethical ways. At the end of the day, we will provide as much information as we can and let the customer decide. Such an undertaking takes time and resources, but one we believe is well worth it. 

You wouldn’t feel bashful about asking your local market where they source their food. And you shouldn’t because it is your right know what you are putting into your body and we believe it is also your right to know what you are putting into your pocket. Good vibes and good energy come from good business practices and we working to help ensure that. 


We are in pursuit of a more ethically-minded crystal community and are committed to building up and bringing together that community. While there is no official industry regulation on ethically-sourced crystals at this time, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for such a future. CrystalEyes understands and is dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within our company and beyond. DEI is essential in fostering a better and brighter future for all who are lucky enough to call this Earth their home and as a result, we believe in protecting local communities from the adverse impacts of resource extraction.  

As a company, we have no intention of regulating or replacing current regulatory standards, but are focused on complimenting and creating market value for those companies focused on responsible and equitable business practices. 

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