Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

At this time there is no industry oversight or regulations for the crystal industry, separate from the crystal’s origin country’s set of standards for mining. Unlike other precious metals and mining materials that have groups like IRMA and Fairmined working towards accountability in the industry, the crystal industry at this time is unregulated as a whole. One can buy with high confidence if the crystals are sourced from countries with high mining standards like the United States, but considering how many different sources the average crystal shop must use to provide the specimens their customers demand, it can be extremely difficult to know the source for all of their inventory.  

We are working toward shining a light on sourcing and with the help of organizations and individual vendors and retailers, we hope to bring the crystal industry into the future where they can easily provide customers with this much needed information in an easy and practical way. Other organizations have done much of the heavy lifting when it comes to working with all parties of the supply-chain, including affected communities in coming up with standards that promote sustainability, safety, and the health and well-being of all parties involved. 

We are dedicated to keeping this conversation moving forward even when it means uncomfortable moments. It is unreasonable to expect all sellers and buyers of crystals to change overnight, especially when there is no easy fix and we know this. We are optimistic that all those who are part of this industry and believe in the wonderful attributes of crystals will be excited and proactive in moving these important issues forward just as so many already are. 

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