You may wonder why should I use this app? Great question. We noticed most crystal apps are trying to do one thing: sell you crystals. While many of them also have information on crystals, their main focus is to sell a product. Our app is the product we are selling. Why should I buy your product? Another great question. We believe we are filling a void in the crystal market. No other crystal app can identify your crystals with a snap (photo). While being “The Shazam of Crystals” may be our hook, it is not our main focus.

You may have noticed the phrase “ethically-sourced” coming up more and more lately when people discuss crystals. This is because many of the crystals on the market today come from mines that are using child labor, unfair labor practices, mining that is not eco-friendly and even in some cases funding terrorism. Many of the Lapis Lazuli mines in Afghanistan were overtaken by the Taliban and the money produced used to fund their operations. It is impossible to stay on top of all the geo-political changes day-to-day business practices of companies from all over the world, but we can try our best to keep informed.

The average crystal consumer doesn’t have the time to do the research it takes to ensure they are buying conflict-free or ethically-sourced specimens. We seek out and look for the vendors, retailers and distributors who make it their business to do good business. As we move in the Age of Aquarius, thought begins to overtake monetary gain and the crystal world is no exception when it comes to people trying to make a buck. What is now a billion dollar industry, it is time for the community to come together and promote what not only what is right, but what is at the heart of the industry itself – healing.

We are only 4 people, often called “boot-strapping” in the business world and we are dedicating our resources to continue not only our education about these issues, but bringing it to others. That is why we are showcasing those in the industry who value these high ideals so you can feel better about feeling good. No one wants to own a beautiful crystal that was obtained in an ugly way. We are trying to help you not have to worry about that. And we just happen to have the awesome identification feature, personal collection and huge database of crystals.

I am Beautiful and Love Myself