Fully Funded with 222 Backers!  Thanks again everyone.  Quick update;

Hope your summer has started off nicely and things are definitely heating up over here as we have begun the rewards fulfillment process and approach our beta testing.

We are just a couple weeks away from beta testing the app and once we test, receive feedback and make the necessary changes, we will be launching to the GooglePlay and Apple Stores.

Your physical rewards will be arriving before the digital rewards (digital rewards “ship” once we launch) – stickers, jars, t-shirts and hoodies. The stickers and charging jars will be arriving separate from the clothing as our partners will be directly shipping your shirts and hoodies to you and we have the jars and stickers that are shipping from our home base.

Thank you again for helping us supercharge the development of the app as we are currently collecting and training an additional 200 crystals due to the success of our campaign. We are thrilled that you’ll be able to use the app when you’re out rockhounding or organizing your collection this Summer.

Here’s a demo video we put together a couple weeks ago showing the app in action and it has already been updated multiple times since this was put together.

Demo Video

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