Never forget it, CrystalEyes it! Simply take a photo of the unknown crystal and let our AI do the work. Upon launch, we will be capable of identifying your crystals for you. The more photos you take, the smarter it gets. As we grow, so will our identification capabilities. By joining the waiting list, you can be one of the first to get our app and experience the power of CrystalEyes. 


Our expansive crystal database includes practical information and the metaphysical attributes of over 300 crystals. Don’t have your favorite crystal book with you? Don’t worry because now you have a crystal expert in your pocket.


Our personal collection feature allows you to keep track of and organize your crystals so you’ll always remember what you have and where you got it. Add customizable notes to remind yourself why you love each one. 

Join the Collective

Share your photos with other crystal lovers and see photos of gorgeous specimens from around the world. A beautiful photo from a fellow rock hound may just introduce you to a crystal that you need in your life. Our hope is to connect people through crystals and heal the world together. Everyone has so much to share, let’s share together. 

Ethical Sourcing

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and reports from the mining industry, supply chain and retailer world of crystals. We are dedicated to growing the community who understand the need for ethical sourcing and industry regulation. We believe we are stronger together!


Waiting List Position Prize
1-20 Lifetime subscription for free
21-99 2 year subscription for free
100 – 499 1 year subscription for free
500 – 999 9 month subscription for free
1000 – 1999 6 month subscription for free
2000 – 2999 3 month subscription for free
3000 – 3999 2 month subscription for free
4000+ 1 month subscription for free



 I liked how straightforward and clear it was to start identifying crystals in my collection. The app was so easy to use and I enjoyed having all my crystals categorized in one spot.  I can’t wait for the new final version to be available to download.

Cait M.

CrystalEyes Beta Tester

I am Beautiful and Love Myself